Sufi Music

The goal of the practice of mysticism is contact with the Divine through various meditative and spiritual disciplines. In mystical painting, the artist cultivates a meditative state clear from thought, imagination and fantasy. When this clear state has been achieved, images and archetypes are projected from the spiritual Reality. The state of the painter of sufi mystical paintings is very much the same as a state of meditation, a clear open state in which the mind is at rest and into which archetypal images and forms are projected from the suprasensable realm.

True mystics realize that the source of all multiplicity of form, experience, thought and feeling in which we partake is found in oneness, in pure essence. This oneness/essence we call Allah, Lord, God and Beloved. If we choose to align ourselves with this oneness we will receive pure guidance. Depending on the capacity of the receiver, the guidance may be received in visual, musical, poetic or other form.

In the case of Sufi mystical painting, images come when they will, with no regard to the situation of the artist. They come as mercy, as a gift. The images come complete or incomplete. If they are incomplete it is simply a matter of waiting for the missing parts to be “sent”.