Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty was born in Isfahan, Persia, around 533 AH / 1138 AD, and brought up in Sanjar. In Samarqand and Bukhara he completed his religious education. He was initiated into the Chishty Order by Khwaja Usman Haruni around 1156 AD.

During his visit to Medina Sharif, around 1187 AD, he received a mandate from the Holy Prophet(saw) to proceed to Ajmer (Rajasthan, India), where he established the first presence of the Chishty Order in India.

Khwaja Saheb was a scholar a great repute. He interpreted the true Islamic message of love for mankind and through that, the love for the Almighty creator. He preached the Quranic philosophy of the unity of religion and worked out its potentialities for the whole humanity. He was the greatest mystic of his time. He laid the foundation of the liberal Chishtya order of Sufis in India, and inspired millions of souls to be his followers and thus served the masses of the Indian Sub-continent.

His high morals, great wisdom and frugal lifestyle deeply influenced thousands of people as he carried on his work in Ajmer for more than 45 years and became known as also known as Khawaja Gharib Nawaz, the Patron of the Poor.

He passed away on the 6th of Rajab 633 AH/ 1236 AD.

His tomb in Ajmer is a well-known place of pilgrimage for people from many countries, regardless of their religion.

A friend of God must have affection like the Sun. When the sun rises, it is beneficial to all irrespective of whether they are Muslim, Christian, or Hindu.

A friend of God must be generous like a river. We all get water from the river to quench our thirst. It does not discriminate whether we are good or bad or whether we are a relation or a stranger.

A friend of God must display the hospitality like the earth. We are raised and cradled in its lap, and yet it is always under our feet.

Khwaja Moin’uddin Hasan al-Chishty (RA)

Whosoever received any blessings, received them due to his generosity.

Khwaja Moin’uddin Hasan al-Chishty (RA)

There are four cardinal virtues of the individual self:

  • Refraining from begging in the state of poverty;
  • Showing the attitude of being well-fed when feeling hungry;
  • Maintaining a cheerfulness in the time of sorrow; and
  • befriending the enemy.

Khwaja Moin’uddin Hasan al-Chishty (RA)

The path of Love of Allah (God) is such a path that who so ever steps into it, loses himself.

Khwaja Moin’uddin Hasan al-Chishty (RA)