Image Clean and Green – Spiritual Ecology Initiative

Through the Chishty Foundation’s Clean and Green Initiative, we are working to inspire, educate and empower our beloved community of Ajmer to become the spiritual ecologists of Rajasthan.

Chishty Foundation is providing a platform for everyone in Ajmer to unite hands and hearts in service to the Divine’s creation, ecologically, culturally and spiritually. As human beings, we have not only a physical duty towards Nature, but also a spiritual responsibility to look after God’s creation.

At this time of grave ecological crisis, we need to include the soul of the Earth in our spiritual practices, into our prayers, meditations and devotions. We need to take time to be with her, to listen to her and to co-operate with her to protect her ecosystem and to support her regeneration.

As part of the Clean and Green – Spiritual Ecology programme, the Chishty Foundation will be supporting the community of Ajmer to live this sacred trust with our Creator, by sharing Spiritual Ecology workshops, along with simple spiritual ecology practices for our cleaning and greening work together.  In this way each of us will be guided to bring a quality of love and reverence for the Divine within Nature as we clean, paint and plant with attentiveness, and with the awareness that the human soul and the Earth’s soul, mind and matter are all part of one living sacred conscious whole.

Caring for Nature is part of each Indian’s DNA – it has always been part of our cultural and societal heritage. Fellow Ajmer citizens, It is time for us to take our stand as stewards of the sacred in Nature again! This Clean and Green Initiative is a step we can all take towards living our sacred responsibility towards Nature, just as our ancestors have done before us.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spent his entire life as an eco-friendly jihad, serving humankind, caring for creation, preserving Earth, planting trees and protecting his environment.  Cleaning and greening starts in our hearts, then in our own homes. Only when our inner and outer house is clean, can we truly step forward and work towards stewardship of our city and the environment around our cities, which is our most noble duty.

A clean and eco-friendly Ajmer City, and Dargah, and surrounding areas is also a critical imperative for the health and development of all of our community, livelihoods, businesses, academics, elders, children and future generations. We need to encourage everyone in our community to contribute their little bit, in their own way to this clean and green initiative.

Chishty Foundation is creating a 3 tier Clean and Green – Spiritual Ecology Initiative which empowers us all in Ajmer to step forward and contribute:

  1. Clean and Green Initiative at Dargah Ajmer Sharif
  2. A Community and Interfaith Clean and Green Partnership Initiative – cleaning and greening Ajmer city, and surrounding lakes and mountains
  3. Education Initiatives in our local schools and universities – Our aim is lasting community impact and behavior change through delivering Spiritual Ecology workshops and the development of Interfaith values-based Clean and Green ambassadors amoung our youth.

Abu Malik Al-Ashari (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: “Cleanliness is half the faith.” – Muslim”

At the heart of any successful development initiative is collaboration from various individuals, groups and communities that are endowed differently with various gifts, platforms, skills and resources. We each can contribute to a clean and green Ajmer, and need to support, encourage and empower each other to step forward and honor our sacred and physical trust and responsibility to care for Creation.

We urge all stakeholders in the fields of education, community, business, charity and government department to embrace and support this work. Our health, and the future livelihood and sustainability of Ajmer, depends on you and me doing so, and we all want to ensure the survival and social progress of life in Ajmer and catapult ourselves into being pioneering constructive clean and green stewardship city in India.

Let us pool our resources together to ensure this noble innovation comes to fruition.