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Chishty Foundation is based on the blessed vision and message of “Love towards all, Malice towards none” which is the central message of Hz.Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty (r.a) popularly known as Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (r.a) – meaning “Patron of the Poor.”

It’s a universal message for the whole of humanity that we may love and respect Creation i.e. fellow human beings, Earth, and all sacred sentient life and creations of the One Almighty Creator Allah (swt).

Our aim in establishing the Chishty Foundation is to realize this blessed vision and to create a platform for people from around the world who share the same commitment – to love and serve Humanity (Khidmat e Khalq) and to take spiritual and physical responsibility for stewardship of Nature (Khilafa) while spreading the message of Love Towards All in it’s full essence among the people of our beautiful planet Earth.

In today’s troubled times we believe that the messages of the great Sufi’s and Saints, which unite all of Humanity in Oneness towards the feelings of Truth, Divine Reality and to honoring the Sacred Presence within Nature, is the not just a way, but an essential way for the solutions of the world problems and a perfect road map towards the Path of Love, Peace, Sisterhood and Brotherhood among the whole Humanity.

The Chishty Foundation creates a platform for nurturing and promoting cultural, spiritual and ecological sacred regeneration through a number of platforms and initiatives, including our International Sufi Rang Festival, which honors, preserves and showcases ancient and modern Sufi Arts including Sufi Calligraphy, Sufi Poetry Culture, Photography, Sufi Music, Spirituality and through Sama and Qawwali – The Chishty Sufi’s food for the Soul.

The Chishty Foundation’s Clean and Green Initiative also works to inspire, empower and educate our local and global community to care spiritually and physically for our common home – Earth, while nurturing a sense of compassion and selfless service towards humanity and all life.

As part of the larger picture of our work in the near future we intend to incorporate faith values-centred spiritual ecology practices into our education programme at the Chishty Foundation’s Bab Ul Ilm ‘Doorway to Knowledge’ school for children from underprivileged backgrounds, located underneath the sacred Aravalli mountains on the outskirts of Ajmer.

In humble service to Creation, the Chishty Foundation delivers a number of charitable and empowerment services, including:

  • Set up and run “Bab Ul Ilm” Sufi School of Holistic Spiritual Sciences
  • Host the International Sufi Rang Festival, promoting the Sufi messages of Oneness, Divine Love and creativity through Sufi Art, Spiritual Music Renditions, Quranic Calligraphy Exhibitions and Sacred Architectural Photography Displays
  • Set up and initiate a local community Clean and Green Initiative, preparing to launch in Spring 2018
  • Provide free Sufi Vegetarian Meals on Wheels programs to nearby villages in Ajmer Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (r.a)
  • Provide Educational Scholarship support to students in need
  • Provide medical aid to local individuals and families in need
  • Provide empowering Skills Development program by setting up Computer Training Centres and Sewing Craft stitching and art skills
  • Share the spiritual loving kindness and compassionate message of Hz. Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (r.a) through Haji Syed Salman Chishty’s immense global outreach programs in almost 40 countries in the last 10 years by engaging in International Conferences, Inter-Faith Peace Summits, Universities and Academic Interactions.

Our charitable and empowering initiatives are now in their 10th year, and are a step towards us living the essence of complete Sufi understandings and teachings, while also inspiring and empowering others to unite our hands and hearts together to realize humanity’s sacred and joyful duty to love and serve Creation.

Alhamdulilah, this is our humble journey……

“Love towards All, Malice towards None”
– Khawaja Gharib Nawaz

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Chishty FoundationFriday, July 6th, 2018 at 4:43am
Mashaallah beautiful view
Ajmer sharif..............
Chishty Foundation
Smartcity Ajmer Elevated Road in Ajmer- A New Leap in Traffic Management | National view
Elevated Road in Ajmer- A New Leap in Traffic Management Story & Script- Anil Jain Sir A Film by- Deepak Sharma Team work- Nadeem Khan, Satish Gurjar, Girish...
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Chishty FoundationThursday, June 28th, 2018 at 4:03pm

Chishty foundation organized yearly international sufi rang festival...........
Watch 2017 program
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Sufi rang festival2017 Ajmer sharif at Dargah khwaja Sahab 24
हमने आपको इस विडिओ में अजमेर शरीफ दरगाह ख्वाज़ा शाहब के महफ़िल खाने में होने वाले सूफी रंग फेस्टिवल को इस छोटे से व....
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Chishty FoundationThursday, June 28th, 2018 at 6:34am
Chishty foundation
#sufi mushafir photography
Syed Salman chishty
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Chishty Foundation
Chishty FoundationWednesday, June 13th, 2018 at 8:21am
Hazrat Aisha Radiallah Anha stated that I asked Rasool'Allah ﷺ "If i find Lailatul Qadar then what should I do ? He ﷺ said recite this dua *"ALLAH HUMMA INNAKA A'FUVUN TOHIB BUL AFVA FA'AFU ANNI"*(Tirmidhi)

*"O Allah! you are the forgiver and you like forgiving so forgive me"

*#LailatulQadarr Mubarak

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Chishty Foundation added 3 new photos.Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 8:49am
#Ramadan21 #DayOfMartyrdom
#MawlaAliMushkilKushaSherKhuda عليه سلام

Alahazrat dedicates five couplets in Qasidah Salamiyyah to Mawla Ali رضي الله عنه:

Murtaza sheyr e haqq ashja'ul ashja'īń
Sāqi e shīr o sharbat pe lakhon salam

‎مرتضیٰ شیرِ حق اشجع الاشجعیں
‎ساقی شیٖر و شربت پہ لاکھوں سلام

The chosen one, lion of truth, bravest of the brave;
Endless salutations upon the pourer of milk and heavenly wine

Note, homonyms: sheyr and shīr.

Asl nasl e safā waj'he wasl e khudā
Bāb e fasl e wilāyat pe lakhon salam

‎اصل نسلِ صفا وجہِ وصلِ خدا
‎بابِ فصلِ ولایت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Origin of pure lineage, means of Divine gnosis;
Endless salutations upon the door to sainthood

Awwalīń dāfaýe ahl e rifz o khurūj
Chārmi rukn e millat pe lakhon salam

‎اّولیں دافعِ اہلِ رفض و خروج
‎چارمی رکنِ ملّت پہ لاکھوں سلام

First to eliminate the people of rejection and rebellion;
Endless salutations upon the fourth pillar of the nation

Mawla Ali was the first to wage war against Rafidis and Kharijis. Rafidi means a rejector and Khariji means a rebel.

Sheyr e shamshīr zan shāh e khaybar shikan
Partaw e dast e qudrat pe lakhon salam

‎شیرِ شمشیر زن شاہِ خیبر شکن
‎پرتوِ دستِ قدرت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Sword brandishing lion, destroyer of Khaybar;
Endless salutations upon the manifestation of Divine Power

Māhi e rifz o tafzīl o nasb o khurūj
Hāmi e dīn o sunnat pe lakhon salam

‎ماحیِ رفض و تفضیل و نصب و خروج
‎حامیِ دین و سنت پہ لاکھوں سلام

The vanquisher of rifd, tafdil, nasb and khuruj;
Endless salutations on the helper of Islam and the sunnah

#Pics :- Today’s pictures (Ramadan21) from Rauza-e-Mawla-e-Kaynat
Sher-e-Khuda Mushkil Khusha Fathe Khaybar
Baab-e-Fasle Wilayat Waja-e-Wasle Khuda
Asal Nasl-e-Safa Saaqi-e-Sher o Shabbat
Mawla Ali عليه سلام


Friday, August 17th, 2018 at 3:29am
Former Prime Minister of #India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji sad demise is a great loss to entire nation.May the family members bear the deep loss wit patience and strength.
Every year Vajpayee ji used to send sacred Chaddar to #Ajmer Dargah Sharif at annual Urs ceremony.
sufimusafir photo
Friday, August 17th, 2018 at 3:14am
Former Prime Minister of #India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji sad demise is a great loss to the nation. May the family members bear the deep loss with patience and strength.
Dua's n Prayers of Peace from #Ajmer Sharif always. #AtalBihariVajpayee
sufimusafir photo
Thursday, August 16th, 2018 at 5:20pm
RT @sufimusafir: Praying fr #Kerala where ppl r facing worst #flood situation across beautiful state.Rescue n Relief work by #IndianArmy in… sufimusafir photo
Thursday, August 16th, 2018 at 1:32pm
Praying fr #Kerala where ppl r facing worst #flood situation across beautiful state.Rescue n Relief work by #IndianArmy in progress.May d situation ease up n all thse who r effected may recover soon wit divine grace of Almighty Creator.Dua's from #Ajmer Sharif. #KeralaFloods2018 sufimusafir photo